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The Conservation Story

The Masai Lodge is located at the doorstep of Nairobi National Park, one of Kenya's oldest parks. While conviniently located near Nairobi, when you visit the lodge, you feel as if you are in the middle of nthe vast open plains. It's a peaceful and natural setting.

The Keen Family and Masai Lodge partnered with the African Wildlife Foundation and Kenya Wildlife Service to protect their land and expand Nairobi National Park through the conveyance of an environmental easement. The Keens retain ownership of the land, but the easement restricts certain uses so that the land will remain open for wildlife and future generations.

The lodge was established by the Keen family nearly forty years ago and is situated on Silole Sanctuary. For years, the Keen family and their guests have enjoyed the scenery that the park and its surrounding offers. But despite Kenya's protected area system and conservation success outside protected areas, wildlife populations in Kenya have been declining. A more creative and innovative conservative solution was needed, hence the Keen Easement Donation.

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