About Us

About Us

It has been over 40 years of greatness and we still remain the only lodge in East Africa, in the CBD, within the National Park. Masai Lodge is a facility that always remains astounding as much as it is exciting from the spectacular charm of the lobby... to the deluxe cottages with personalized and an attentive staff.

This modern lodge with individually styled cottages, offers you a stay in style with comfort and the latest technology.

The iconic site is also a paradise of gourmets with a vitality breakfast buffet offering a wide range of African Cuisines and International dishes to tantalise you, in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Our restaurant features a touch of both African and International flair, where you will enjoy either a quick business meal or a lazy lunch chosen from our exquisite yet fairly priced menu.

After a busy day, you can choose from our array of cocktails and socialize at the cosy renowned Oloiboni Bar, our unique and trendy nightspot in the park.

We have two bedroom cottages ideal for families. The guest house has a marvelous view, comes with a lounge, a kitchenette, dining area, a balcony... and it's very own compound! Feel free to contact us.

About Us

Kenya has five national sanctuaries, twenty two national parks and twenty eight terrestrial national reserves that in total amounts to approximately 8% of the country's land mass protected as wildlife habitat. One of Kenya's most visited parks is the Nairobi National Park. Nairobi National Park depends on the lands south of the park for habitat and wildlife movement. These plains are now, now more that ever, facing rapid development, land conservation and habitat fragmentation, putting the entire park at risk.

Honourable John Keen has watched these changes take place in this landscape for over seven decades. The Keen family own land adjacent to Nairobi National Park and they wanted to ensure that this land remains open for wildlife and future generations.

To do so, the Keen family worked with AWF - The African Wildlife Foundation - and KWS - The Kenyan Wild life Service to protect their voluntarily given land with an environmental easement, the first in Kenya. The easement ensures that the land will remain intact and open for wildlife, and will continue to host people at Masai Lodge in a beautiful and natural setting. The Keens' easement donation is an enormous gift to Kenya. Their leadership will hopefully inspire others to do the same.

The Masai Lodge is located at the doorstep of Nairobi National Park, one of Kenya's oldest parks. While conviniently located near Nairobi, when you visit the lodge, you feel as if you are in the middle of nthe vast open plains. It's a peaceful and natural setting.

The Keen Family and Masai Lodge partnered with the African Wildlife Foundation and Kenya Wildlife Service to protect their land and expand Nairobi National Park through the conveyance of an environmental easement. The Keens retain ownership of the land, but the easement restricts certain uses so that the land will remain open for wildlife and future generations.

The lodge was established by the Keen family nearly forty years ago and is situated on Silole Sanctuary. For years, the Keen family and their guests have enjoyed the scenery that the park and its surrounding offers. But despite Kenya's protected area system and conservation success outside protected areas, wildlife populations in Kenya have been declining. A more creative and innovative conservative solution was needed, hence the Keen Easement Donation.